When the inmates run the asylum.


The first non-competitive Race* League

We have created our "Race" league to promote select individuals with "Official" results.

Review our Race League Rules!
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Inspect the Race Course!
Take your Race Run!
Check your Race Times!
Celebrate your Race Results!

1. Racing, Sportsmanship, and Competition are not welcome. 2. Rules will be upheld at our sole discretion. 3. Results are determined exclusively by Race Crew and Course Referee. 4. We reserve the right to discriminate against any Participant that has not been hand selected by the Race Crew to receive "Official" Results.

Guiding Principles

1. Winning isn't important. That's why we pick the winners.
2. Nobody cares about times. That's why we change them.
3. Rules are important. That's why we make them.

Celebrating 45 years of serving the community!

Note: Only employees, former employees, race crew members, and close friends are included in our community.

Working Together

Brian Norton

CEO - Loon Mountain

Kevin Bell

VP Marketing - Loon Mountain

Samantha "Mac" Bevier

Loon Mountain Events & Loonatics League Manager

Derek Griggs

Coordinator & Social Media- Loonatics Race League

Hans Herzog

USSA Official , Loon Race Team, Loonatics

Jesse Anser

USSA Official, Loon Race Team, Loonatics

Sophie Goldschmidt

CEO - United States Ski & Snowboard Association

Stephen Kircher

CEO - Boyne Resorts

Note: Working Together = Conspiring, Colluding, Condoning

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Note: Loonatics is NOT a race league. Social Media, Marketing, Timing and our own Rules do not constitute an actual Race League. We reserve the right to ban and block anyone that doesn't agree to those terms.

Our Services

Pick A Winner!

If you are a local and haven't won a race, don't worry! Our Race Crew is in the timing shack and will provide you with a winning time for free!

Too Slow? Nobody has to know!

If you are a local and haven't scored points, don't worry! Our Race Crew is in the timing shack and will provide you with a scoring time for free!

Our Partners


We have certified USSA Officials that train our Race Crew staff and host the races, and USSA has offered us a Code of Conduct Exemption!

Loon Mountain

Loonatics Race League is an independent league. Loon Mountain supports us by operating the league and enforcing some of the rules!

Boyne Resorts

Stephen Kircher and Charles Gano support us by staying quiet.